Monday, September 20, 2010

"Warning: Sideways Design May Blow Your Mind"

The folks at my favorite magazine says "Warning: Sideways Design May Blow Your Mind" on the topic of this week's Rethink issue. And they're right.

It blew my mind.

For months, my Maclean's subscription came looking like the one on the left:

And suddenly, this week's copy, with a theme of "the people and ideas that are changing everything" came with a completely changed cover (pictured right).

Landscape, instead of portrait!

What a brilliant way for a magazine to get cheap, quick and easy consumer attention!


  1. I think I like the portrait better than the landscape, the latter just leaves too much open area and would be harder to cart around in a backpack without damage. Is this a temporary change or a permanent one?

  2. They went back to normal this week. It's only really effective to capture attention once in a wihle. And lol you're right- it got destroyed in my backpack..