Thursday, September 2, 2010

Take A Break, Overworked Americans!

Royal Carribean, a cruise company, has recently come up with the following marketing campaign:

The ad is based on really interesting research that finds that yearly, 459 million vacation days are wasted because people don't take up on them. 

It's clever because Royal Carribean has figured out one of the key causes that people do not  use their services and they are going to convince people otherwise first.

This type of "obstacle removing marketing" has to convince us to change our habits/thoughts/ideas first, and only then can we consider the product.

It is a very difficult thing to do, considering people's dislike to changing anything so the campaign has to be really, really convincing.


  1. I really like the ad. It's clever. I sent it right over to my dad to remind him he needs more vacations. Let's see if it works...

  2. haha. I'm assuming you're gonna be going on a cruise soon Sahar!