Monday, February 28, 2011

..and the Ugly

The worst website I've seen in a while.

Welcome to 

  • It takes forever to load, and simply moving your mouse moves the whole scene around.
  • The creepy real-people-in-a-cartoon-background all speak at you, often freezing
  • If they attempt to list their products anywhere, I couldn't find it. 
  • They place way, way, way too much emphasis on all this health and nutritional stuff. Does Dole really need a section for men's health, one for women's health and a different one for fitness and prevention?
  • None of the "blog-type" sections has been updated since 2008. Most updates were in 2005 (I'm assuming this was when the site was made.
  • There's a whole bunch of videos hidden under "Dole TV" which cannot be found elsewhere on the Internet (hint: Youtube channel anyone?)
  • The Super Kids section is overstuffed with games, comics, music and a lot of other budget intensive things that I'm sure no kids really visit anyway. 
  • It is impossible to navigate your way around simply to anything. Click on pink-shirt-lady, then the package-of-fruits-with-halo, then the banana, then the banana again to reach the page that gives you nutritional information about fruits and veggies.
  • Did I mention clutter? It's overflowing with content. I feel overwhelmed and overloaded and just simply don't have the patience...

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