Sunday, August 22, 2010


In the summer of 2008, there was an explosion of a certain type of blog posts. The most famous was David Archey's 33 Logos in 33 Minutes, where he photographed the 33 brands that announced themselves as soon as he woke up.

It quickly became really popular, hundred of bloggers announcing the brands that surround them, with variations like Creative's Beef's humorous Friday Night in Brands and the Marketing Student's Branded Day in the Life of a Gen Y. Of course, this was social commentary, but I couldn't help but notice that many bloggers received praise for being around local, organic brands instead of the "big guns."

The message here, in all obviousness:
Welcome to a "brandwashed" society.


  1. Great job! Looking to see whats up in store

  2. I never understood why a bbc logo from the net could possibly be part of the "33 logos in 33 minutes"

  3. Very nice! Good job!

  4. Re: BBC Logo- maybe he turned on the TV?

  5. well no that's clearly a BBC logo from the internet, but shouldn't the logos strictly include the ones you see, without using another "brand"? get what i'm saying?