Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Advertisers Don't Discriminate, Why Should We?

Over the last few days, people have stirring up a big fuss over the rainbow Oreo cookie that Kraft posted on Facebook in support of Pride. Homophobes all over took it as an opportunity spout their hatefulness, with some even planning to to `boycott` Oreos (their loss really). The LGBT community applauded Kraft for its support.

But really, here`s the lesson that I`m getting from all of this. Kraft and other big companies running LGBT-focused ads (like Ben & Jerry’s, JCPenney, Chevy and even our local CP24) have a valuable lesson to impart on us. These corporate giants are using human emotions to sell products no matter who the person is, gay or straight. The same advertising methods (giving us warm fuzzies with a shoutout) are being used towards the LGBT crowd that they use with all the rest of us.
The lesson here is: We all deserve equal treatment. Alongside loving whomever we want to, being able to marry and raise families with our loved ones, we should all also be able to be exploited by advertisers no matter what our sexuality is. And I can only hope that someday Pride ads will become as annoying and blatantly consumerist as Christmas ads and Valentine’s ads. 

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