Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Receipt Full of Calories

Burgerville, a fast-food chain in Oregon, markets honesty on a daily basis with their "nutritional information-filled receipts":

While I was jumping up and down in excitement at how cool these receipts were, one of my friends brought up some very good points. Does it really make good business sense for Burgerville to do this? We all know fast-food is bad for us, but do we really need to be told that our sweet potato fries have 530 calories on our way out? Won't the guilt ruin our desire to come back for more fatty foods?

Well, I still think this is a brilliant concept:
  • It gives consumers more power and planning ability over their meals. Instead of completely avoiding burgers, we can incorporate the nutritional info into our diets easily.
  • It shows the "villainous fast-food joint" in an ethical, honest, authentic light for a change
  • As people start to order the healthier options on the menu and cut down on the not-so-healthy one, Burgerville's sales of healthier foods should go up vs. unhealthy foods, leading to the restaurant carrying more and more healthy foods...and seeing their success, all the McDonald's and Burger Kings of the world will incorporate this too and we'll have a world of healthy I being too idealistic now?
What are your thoughts?  Would you want to see this receipt after your meal?


    1. I think I would like to see this before the bill comes you know? Like you said after seeing it I would feel more depressed about the fact that I ate a whole lot of crapiness, it would be better to get the chance of making better choices beforehand. Very detailed, this receipt, it should be this detailed also on some grocery products! very nice blog, the one that is caught the interest the most so far. Great job nyla !

    2. your rss reader is not working :-/

    3. Sorry about that. I've fixed it now. Hope that helps!

    4. Jen, I was actually really excited about your opinion on this. If you ever come across grocery store products where the recipe isn't detailed enough, let me know and I'll blog about it :)

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