Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mmmm..The fragrance of...vodka?

Personally, I've always thought vodka smelled and tasted the equivalent of nail polish remover. That's the reason people "chase," mix, or hold their breath, isn't it?

Chambord, the gods of fancy black raspberry liquer, recently introduced their Black Raspberry Flavoured Vodka. From the one time I've tasted it, it was heavenly and even the smell wasn't too bad.

But then I got this, in my September issue of Marie Claire:

To market their vodka, Chambord took a page out of the eau de parfum books. With the regular ad, they included a little "peel to smell" section. While it looks a lot like a beautiful perfume bottle, it doesn't have the same fragrance.

Yes, it smelt like black raspberries, but it obviously also smelt like vodka... which... isn't too appealing. In fact, my entire magazine had a bitter, alcoholic, hard-night-of-partying feel to it the rest of the time.

The smell of pure vodka isn't necessarily something I want to think about when looking at such a pretty ad.

I guess neither did others, because in my October issue, Chambord had taken out that section and replaced it with delicious black raspberry vodka related recipes.

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  1. its definitely an attentioncatcher though.