Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Happy Birthday! Love, Everywhere You've Ever Shopped

I make a point of keeping my birthday off Facebook, in order to discourage the 900 people I don't know that well from wishing me superficial happy birthdays.

That however, has not stopped every single corporation that knows my birth date from flooding my inbox with "birthday emails."
I don't even think I ever shopped at Circuit City.

And I understand, the point is to appear thoughtful and caring to all their customers... but who are we kidding? It is a blatantly annoying marketing attempt, forcing me to deal with spam on my special day.

Here's a suggestion, H&M, Aritzia, Jacob, American Eagle, The Breast Cancer Site (WTF?), Victoria's Secret and all others:

If you're going for the "thoughtful and caring" approach, offer me something on my birthday.
A free gift?  Free birthday bagels? Anything but email spam...


  1. free birthday bagels?
    thats awesome!

  2. AGREE!
    I got a $10 off from Evoke Salon (for simply going there as a first time customer)-- it made me happy. Definitely should do something like that for birthdays!!